The Youth Pheasant Program is a weekend program running from early Sept to late Nov each year. Both RDFG members and non-members are welcome.

RDFG supplies:

  • equipment and amunition
  • instructors
  • safety gear

RDFG needs you to bring:

  • lunch
  • napsack
  • proper clothing


The cost is $10 for the program if you are NOT a member of RDFG.  Please bring it in cash or check with you the first day of the program.




You’ll need to click on the WAIVER link below, print it, sign it and bring it with you the first day of the program in order to comply with the rules and regulations.

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The Alberta Youth Pheasant Program was started years ago by the Sarcee Fish and Game. It was passed on to the Red Deer Fish and Game and continues to be an exciting program for first time hunters. It is open to all youth from 12 to 20. Our season starts in the first or second week of September. We take 4 to 6 kids every Saturday and 6 more on Sundays. Participants only have to bring their own lunch and appropriate footwear and outdoor wear. Through the Alberta Youth Pheasant Program, aspiring young hunters have a chance to experience bird game hunting and safe gun handling while being mentored by qualified outdoorsmen.

The youths who have gone through this program have shown a lot of enthusiasm and have gained a better respect for wildlife, its habitat and its conservation In the past, this program has had as many as 100 students per year taking advantage of the course.

Each student learns shotgun patterns, clay pigeon shooting, safe gun control, and game cleaning. While hunting the released pheasants each young hunter is accompanied by a mentor to ensure proper gun control and safety. Dog handlers with well trained dogs are also in the field to flush the birds for the participants. The young hunters gain first-hand knowledge of bird hunting with dogs and a respect for wildlife and habitat conservation.

We start at ten am sharp and run till about 4 in the afternoon depending on weather and shooters capabilities. Shooting clay pigeons and gun safety goes on till lunch time. Then we get into teams and go after real pheasant with working bird dogs and gun safety instructors. Students don’t need any licenses or firearms safety courses, but I does help I f they are somewhat familiar with shotguns. Birds collected are cleaned by the students and then divided equally amongst the group. Parents can come, but need to follow far behind the hunters and only catch up for the photo opportunities. Sign up early in the summer as spots fill fast.

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