RDFG Volunteer Credit Building Info

The Volunteer Credits (Coupons) Process

  • Attend Event and Work

    Attend an event and work the volunteer hours you committed to.

  • Complete a Timesheet

    Complete a timesheet and hand it in to your volunteer supervisor for signature.

  • Send Timesheet In

    Send a copy of the timesheet to RDFGA Membership Coordinator for the records - by email, smart phone pic, fax or regular mail so he can add them up over the year for you.

  • Await an Email with a Coupon for Next Year's Membership

    Await for RDFGA Membership Coordinator to send you an email at the end of the year with a coupon code to use online for next year's membership.

  • Redeem Coupon

    Enter the coupon code online on the checkout page during the purchase of your new membership.

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