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The Indoor range is available to members of the Red Deer Fish & Game Association for recreational shooting with the appropriate membership. Check the membership page for more information.

The Indoor Range has times for members to shoot their handguns or small bore rifles (.22 LR etc.) Members must have their own handguns as the range does not offer rentals or loaners. The range does have .22LR caliber rifles for use if required.

Ammunition types that are allowed are .22LR, .38 Special, 9mm Luger, .45 ACP, and .45 Colt etc.

Military surplus ammunition with a steel core such as .32 x 25 mm Tokarov is not permitted.

Members who are new to handgun shooting are welcome. It is recommended that new handgun shooters start with a .22 LR handgun until they become proficient before advancing to a larger handgun. The regular shooters are willing to pass on advice and shooting tips.

Junior air gun shooting programs are offered. For more information see the web page for Junior Shooters.

We stock paper targets, Junior air rifles and .22 target rifles.

More News

A number of changes have been made to the operation and schedule of the Indoor Range.  Billi Jo McIlroy is the new coach for the Junior Shooter Program which start September 7th. Arno Baron who usually looks after the Sunday and Thursday morning times was involved in a motorcycle accident and suffered multiple fractures. He will be unable to supervise for awhile so we have alternate people filling in. We are wishing Arno a quick recovery and return.

The last opportunity to shoot is December15th as the lease for the range is ending December 31, 2017. We need to clear the range of any Red Deer Fish and Game Association property before the end of the year.

Progress is slowly being made to achieve certification of the Springbrook indoor range. An application to certify the range is being worked on to apply to the CFO. In the mean time the Indoor Range will be in operation and I encourage shooters to use the facility. Members are able to invite a guest to shoot or introduce them to the sport of shooting.

Member Info


Membership entitles all members to extra Liability Insurance.

Keys are only issued after completion of Range Safety Orientation. This is necessary to be compliant with insurance regulations.

Range memberships are available online for purchase or at participating fire-arm supply stores:

  1. The Sportsmen’s Den in Red Deer
  2. Wolverine Guns & Tackle in Red Deer
  3. Caroline Supplies in Caroline


Please see our Membership Page for membership rates.

Indoor Range Fall Schedule:

Effective  September 4th to December 15th 2017

Indoor Range Contact:

Wayne Brown (Chairman) 403-347-3401 or indoorrange@reddeerfishandgame.com


The Indoor Range is at 4230 58th St in Red Deer.  It is located west of the Memorial Center in the rear of the Red Deer Public Schools Maintenance Building. The entrance door is in the rear with a parking area behind the building.

Membership Benefits


Membership benefits include:

  • Subscription to Outdoor Canada West magazine that AFGA publishes 6 times a year for distribution to all Alberta Fish and Game Association members.
  • Club Newsletter issued four times a year.
  • Access to 320 Acres of the Red Deer Fish & Game Association owned land and camping facilities, complete with camp kitchen, hot showers, a fish pond, volleyball, horseshoe pits, canoeing, 16 archery butts (only at shoots) and 5 kilometers of hiking trails.
  • Insurance coverage by Alberta Fish & Game Association to a maximum of $500,000 Insurance policy when participating in club activities such as family camping, canoeing, archery, shooting events, fundraising, Sportsman’s Shows and wildlife Stewardship habitat projects.
  • Access to the Club’s indoor air gun, pistol, and small caliber range, and safety courses with Indoor Range Membership.
  • Junior Shooters can compete 2 days/week at present.
  • The Outdoor Range Trophies for fish, game and birds are available for each year and are eligible to be entered in the AFGA Program for the Provincial Awards.

Indoor Range Fall Schedule Effective September 4th to December 15th 2017.

Sunday Handguns / Small Bore Rifles
10:00 am – 12:00 noon – Keith Kenny

Monday Handguns / Small Bore Rifles
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm – Chuck Ford, Bart Presley

Wednesday Handguns / Small Bore Rifles
7:00 – 9:00 pm – Wayne Brown, Lyle Guthrie, Gary Rosenow

Thursday Handguns / Small Bore Rifles
10:00 am —12:00 noon – Tiny Thesen

Starts Thursday Sept 7th -Junior Shooters Program
5:00 – 9:00 pm – Coach Billi Jo McIlroy

Friday Handguns / Small Bore Rifles
7:00 pm —9:00 pm – Dave Golem

Indoor Range Contacts

Wayne Brown         Indoor Range                 403-347-3401 email: sgbrown@telus.net
Billi Jo McIlroy        Junior Shooter Coach    587-877-5431   email: billijim93@yahoo.ca
Arno Baron            Clinic Instructor               403-887-6575
Chuck Ford                                                        403-598-1255
Bart Presley                                                       403-350-8342
Lyle Gutherie                                                    403-800-4217
Gary Rosenow                                                  403-783-4219
Keith Kenny                                                      403-302-8464
Tiny Thesen                                                      403-340-9700

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