The camp is for youth 12 to 15 years of age

This is an educational camp to teach the Alberta Hunter Education Course and the Canadian Firearm’s Safety Courses, along with these courses the students are involved ( hands on ) with Archery, Water Safety (canoe), Small bore shooting, trap shooting, black powder demonstration and shooting, survival technics, fire starting and First Aid etc.

The program was started 30 years ago by members of the Ponoka Fish and Game and the Red Deer Fish and Game. The camp has been held in various locations over the years, Pofianga (Ponoka), Burbank (Lacombe), Teepee Village, Breton, and now is situated on Chain lakes (east of Morningside).

It is limited to a maximum of 30 students annually. Instructors are all certified to do the various courses and are volunteers.

Food is cooked in the camp area by volunteers (usually wives of the instructors), mainly home cooked types of meals with one night for Pizza.

Youth from the central area attend the camp. Some of the Central Alberta clubs subsidize the student’s tuition fee.

Cabins were built with volunteer labour, so the necessity of tents is no longer required.

Red Deer Fish and Game has been a driving force with the camp over the years. They have subsidized tuition since the onset and instructors from Red Deer have been involved with the camp every year. Various materials have been supplied to the camp, over the years, by our club.

For more information please contact:  Venny Chocholacek 403-347-3767.

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